Individual or group performances are welcome.

Non-refundable registration fee per act:

Primary Registration

Solo or Two (2) Person Act ...... $50.00
Three (3) Person Act .............. $60.00
Four (4) Person Act ................ $70.00
Five (5) Person (or more) Act ... $90.00

Competition is open to those age 9 - 24.  Contestants must be the minimum of 9 years of age on or before May 20, 2018. All competitors under nineteen years of age at March 31, 2018 must have written parental consent.

Acceptable performing art categories limited to the following:

1. Vocal (solo, duet, ensemble)
2. Instrumental (solo, duet, ensemble)
3. Dance

NOTE: The categories listed above are the expected categories but are dependent on the number of performers that register. 

Angel Award reserves the right to add, delete or change categories and number of finalist performing Live depending on registration results.

All Acts performing in the final competition must be made up of the same participants as in the video submitted for the preliminary auditions. The same performance must be done if contestants make it into the finalists.

During the audition phase Acts will be viewed by the panel of judges for approximately 3 minutes.  Should you make a finalists placement, there will be a maximum performance time allowed at gala performance and will be discussed and considered depending on music genre.

Accompaniment CD’s or MP3’s used by singers can contain background vocals only. Absolutely NO LEAD vocals will be allowed.

Angel Award is not responsible for theft/damage or injury of any kind, to persons or instruments, props, clothing or other personal property, during, before, during or after the performance.

Preliminary Auditions (Step 1)

Contestants must register online and include the URL link (YouTube) for judges to view audition videos. *Must be video audition not just audio. *

Contestants must pay the non-refundable registration fee via PayPal during the online registration or by submitting a cheque Angel Award, 10752 Quail Road, Winfield, BC, V1V 1W4.  Contestants registering by cheque will only be considered registered once payment has cleared the bank.

All parental consent forms for contestants under 19 must received prior to the deadline, TBA or their audition will not be considered.

Address is: Angel Award, 10752 Quail Road, Winfield, BC, V1V 1W4

The same arrangement performed in the preliminary audition video must be performed for final competition.

Finals (Step2)

Only the top number of contestants (finalists) will be contacted to perform/compete on May 20, 2018.

(Anyone wishing for feedback on their audition may contact the Producer directly via email,

The finalists will perform at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in front of a panel of judges and audience. The judges will consist of experts in the field.
FIRST PRIZE - Overall Angel Award Performance Winner -
Angel Award and Cash Prize (50% of entrance fees)

CATEGORY WINNERS - Sound and Dance Studio time (TBA)

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD  will be available on the website once all the entrant videos have been uploaded

The talent contest is divided into two (2) parts.

Step 1 - 
Preliminary Auditions -  Deadline April 30, 2018   ** see registration details below

•    Create a short video of your performance and upload the performance online at YouTube by the deadline
•    Come back to the website and register yourself or your small group and provide the URL of your YouTube video and pay the registration fee
•    Your video will be reviewed and ranked against all other entries
•    The top 10 entries (finalists) chosen will move onto the next phase of competition (Step 2)
Step 2 -  Perform and Compete at the Gala Performance Show - May 20, 2018

•    The finalists will perform in front of an audience of their families, peers and a panel of judges
•    The top finalists in each category will be determined and announced on stage then one performer will be awarded "Overall Angel Award

•    A Peoples Choice award will also be available for all entrants
**Angel Award  reserves the right to modify these rules for clarity purposes at any time.
Performer" for Cash Prize and "Angel Award Winner"
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